My naughty pet again!

my naughty pet again

#Cranked# /
#Cranked# Beach Scene (132 LI) @ The Aloha Fair

LeCastle Mainstore /
LeCastle – Cadee Suit Shorts & Top

.EscalateD /
.EscalateD. Nova @ Groupgift

JIAN Dashing Dalmatians *EPP* Rainbow Butt
Mushilu / Flying white petals
Pose A&R-shoppingPose21
// Backdrop City & Pose Mall

// Backdrop City & Pose Mall




Feral – Artemis Dress [Lara]

#Cranked# Backdrop Window @PE – PreCAST Inc. Event 
#Cranked# Body Light color mix6
#Cranked# Face Light color mix5
#Cranked# Face Light pink/ice

.EscalateD. /
.EscalateD. Frankie – Hair *regular/flat @ Femboy hunt 11

[Sexy Princess]/
[Sexy Princess] Cora Boots

L.I.C. Main Store/
Gold Standard : arm bands maitreya, Forearms, Necklace and Shin guards maitreya

. Or /
. Or . Ketryo Hat Rainbow @ SWANK Event

<K&S> Good shot. poses 1
// Backdrop City

Training day

training day

[A&Y] Cybernetics /
A&Y Electra series – SLink HG+Petite Update (ADD):
A&Y Electra Cyber Bikini
A&Y Electra Cyber Gloves
A&Y Electra Cyber Legwarmers

[Seydr] /
[Seydr] DragonBorne + Appliers – Ash

.EscalateD /
.EscalateD. Baize – HUD Pastels @ .Suicide DollZ.

Dark Lord Saber
Pose BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS Pose – Fighting Dance We love Role-P
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Workshop, Fast Fan (No Lights) Rez
Backdrop City

Refreshment on the beach

refreshment on the beach

#Cranked# /
#Cranked# Backdrop Ice Cream @ULTRA EVENT Start 15.08.2018

Junk Food Store /
Junk Food – Redrum Cola Animated
Junk Food – Mtn Spew Soda Static / Redrum Cola Static / Plopsie Cola Static/ Slrite Soda Static

L.I.C. Main Store /
Elegante’ Bento Finger Bracelet
Beadz Sandals MaitreyaBare feet
“GROUP GIFT” Bamboo Hoop Earrings

.EscalateD. /
.EscalateD. Nova Duo

[Sexy Princess]/
[Sexy Princess] Red Vaia Bikini & Sarong @GROUP GIFT